From Pulpit To Pew – Mess & Noise Live Review

Posted on Oct 12, 2009

Kyu (Eliza Sarlos)

Mess and Noise today published an in-depth review of the New Weird Australia live show at Sound Summit:

“A picture of the Pope is propped on a ledge behind the stage at Newcastle‘s Renew Church. People drift in from the rain outside and sidle quietly into chairs. Trapped within the cheap frame, bathed in mellow red stage lights, the Pope watches on, fading even further into weary benevolence.

“It’s Sunday afternoon and the church is home to the second installment of New Weird Australia’s artist showcase at Sound Summit. It’s a dry and comforting space and there’s no reason to be here but to sit and listen. No bar, no smoking area, no swelling rumble of chatter.”

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Above: Photo of Kyu by Eliza Sarlos

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