NWA Podcast #2. Scattered Order, Interview

Posted on Nov 23, 2009

(November 2009) MITCH JONES stands as one of the key figures in the history of alternative music in Sydney. Together with Michael Tee, Jones founded M-SQUARED Records – home to a cluster of now seminal local post-punk artists such as SYSTEMATICS, THE MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST, YA YA CHORAL, PROD and their own band, SCATTERED ORDER. Nearly 30 years after the fact, SCATTERED ORDER have reformed their original line-up, and are both playing live and recording once again. Mitch Jones joins Stu and Danny on NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA to talk about the past, present and future of SCATTERED ORDER.

DOWNLOAD: NWA Podcast #2. Scattered Order, Interview (November 2009)

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