New Weird Australia – (Re)Made By Heath Killen

Posted on Jun 4, 2010

We’re on the cusp of celebrating our first birthday at New Weird Australia, and thus we felt it was a perfect moment to stare lovingly at ourselves in the mirror for a few hours.  Alas, our reflection was not all that we’d hoped for, and so we decided to get under the butcher’s knife and give ourselves something of a makeover.

Inspired by his exceptional work over the last few years, we called up our favourite Newcastle designer Heath Killen and offered him as much candy as we could muster, luring him to come on board as de facto Art Director for the project.  Thankfully, he turned out to be a truly awesome bloke and he agreed straight away – and the first fruits of our ongoing collaboration are now available.  For the initial instalment, Heath has developed a New Weird Australia logo and a exquisite poster for our next event at The Red Rattler in Marrickville.  Next up, remaking the web site and developing a new publication series, slated for launch later in the year.

Heath has written an extensive essay on the process and influences on his blog at – here’s a taster:

“Stu and I share a strong love of classic Swiss modernist design, and this formed the core of the visual direction for the project, with sans-serif typography, simple shapes and clean layouts built on grids and formal structure. From day one there was the desire to use the simplicity, functionality and beauty of this design theory as a foundation, and build something new, unique and personal from there.

“We also looked at Julian House’s work for Ghost Box as a point of inspiration, which itself has a particularly evocative and unique take on Swiss modernism. The Ghost Box artwork is interesting in that it retains a certain amount of formal structure and sameness with each edition, however it also changes and evolves over time while still somehow maintaining its essence and identity. The imperfections in the designs and the overall ambience of the collection is something that provided great inspiration too.

“Other points of design inspiration have come from the work ofKim Hiorthøy, German studio Hort, and Sydney based Mark Gowing, who have all done extensive, ongoing design work for musicians and record labels. These designers share a commonality in their work in that it is often strikingly modern while also featuring quite gentle, handmade qualities. It is this philosophy and style that I have worked on achieving with New Weird Australia.”

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