New Weird Australia at Sound Summit 2010

Posted on Sep 23, 2010

This Is Not Art returns to Newcastle next weekend (1st-4th October), and once again the town will be awash with experimental, underground & alternative art for the long weekend. There’s a truly impressive line-up of artists to catch, in addition to the massive catalogue of talks, workshops and panels. New Weird Australia will be there, representing at two Sound Summit events – “The Grand Debate – Arbiters of Taste” on Saturday 2nd, and “Outside The Square” on Sunday 3rd.

We’ll also thrilled to bear witness to the various showcases & live events – all featuring stellar Australian artists such as Tantrums, Scattered Order, No Anchor, Cock Safari, Black Math, Blank Realm, Nhomea, They Live, Anna Chase, ii, Polyfox & the Union of the Most Ghosts, kyü, Holy Balm, Collarbones, Dot.AY, Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families and many more.

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The Grand Debate – Arbiters of Taste
2.30pm – 4.00pm: Panel
This Is Not Art festival club (267-269 King St)

Facilitator: Kirsty Brown (Sound Summit)
Participants: Adam Gauci (Curse Ov Dialect), Andrew Ramadge (mess+noise,, Elmo Keep (The Internet Is Punk), Everett True (Collapse Board), Fenella Kernebone (ABC Art Nation, Triple J Sound Lab), Stuart Buchanan (New Weird Australia).

The Grand Debate examines the unique relationship musicians have with critics – whether professional or armchair and discuss: who are the guardians of ‘taste’, why do they matter and what happens when they love or dislike an artist. Topics will include; AMP/AIR/ARIAs – do any of them really matter and why? What to do if JJJ won’t play your music and Rolling Stone won’t give you a cover? Why do we see artists like Curse ov Dialect, Naked on the Vague, Gray Daturas, Oren Ambarchi, Ben Frost and The Necks bring reviewed in The Wire, yet they cannot get local coverage? We angrily explore how media channels can make or break bands and what is the future of music reportage in Australia.

Outside The Square
12pm – 1.30pm: Panel
TPI Auditorium (ground floor, 231 King St)

Facilitator: Kirsty Brown (Sound Summit)
Participants: Ian Rogers (No Anchor, Ambrose Chapel), Emily Hasselhoof (Baaddd, Hoofkake), Jason Forrest (Cock Rock Disco, Nightshifters, DJ Donna Summer; USA), Stuart Buchanan (New Weird Australia)

The path to success as a rock star/superstar DJ/internationally acclaimed troubadour is littered with contradictory messages as to what and what not to do. Both “old” (write + record + tour +… so on) and “new” (facespace + iTwit + annoy all and sundry) methods of spreading the word about your creative talents seem to be the best way to be heard; however a select group of people manage to forge their own niche by distinctly playing ‘outside the rules’.

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