New Weird Australia Releases Exclusive New Canberra Compilation

Posted on Nov 11, 2010

Earlier this year, we alluded to a departure in format in our compilation series.  Up until now, the series has effectively been a snapshot in time of new, weird Australian music, dropping once every two months.  Over nine compilation albums, we faithfully represented that broad and loose concept, however the time has come to sharpen our focus.  The series will now morph into more structured compilation releases – structured either by genre, geography or theme, or structured by the guiding hand of a guest curator.

The first of such releases scores on two counts – ‘The Sound Of Young Canberra‘ is the first release to be selected by a guest curator, in this case the double-header combination of Shoeb Ahmad (hellosQuare) and Tim Guthrie (Dream Damage). It is also the first compilation to focus exclusively on one geographical area, and what better place to start than our oft-scorned nation’s capital.

Together, Shoeb & Tim have been a beacon for new Canberra music  – via Shoeb’s label and tireless commitment to live events, and Tim’s outstanding blog, where many Canberra artist receive their first online editorial.  This new collaboration between that pair is a wild and truly eclectic mix of styles; some familiar, some entirely new; some residents, some expartiates – featuring Pollen Trio, Teddy Trouble, Spartak, Jonny Telafone, From The South, Readymen, Reuben Ingall, Danger Beach, Shoeb Ahmad, Assassins 88, Kasha and Bum Creek.

The compilation is available for FREE download from New Weird Australia – visit the compilation page for full sleeve notes and download information.

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