NWA Podcast #16. Severed Heads, Live-to-air Set & Interview

Posted on Jun 4, 2011

(April 2011) Severed Heads are regarded as being one of the most influential experimental and electronic bands in Australia, pioneering the use of tape loops and samples in the late 70s and early 80s, and forging an innovative career that stretched across three decades.  Retiring in 2010, Severed Heads nonetheless came together once again in May 2011 to play a series of shows with electro-pioneer Gary Numan, and, prior to the tour, gave their final live to air performance on NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA.

Over 50 minutes in length, this exclusive Severed Heads set is in two parts – a ‘pop’ set featuring well-known classic tracks from the back catalogue, and a shorter ‘weird’ set, with the band recreating early material with Ableton Live. In between, Stu Buchanan discusses the legacy, ‘the retrospective era’ and upcoming solo activity with Severed Heads frontman, Tom Ellard.  [Official Severed Heads site: sevcom.com/]

Live tracks featured in this podcast: (Part One) Now, An Explosive New Movie / Pilot In Hell / Harold And Cindy Hospital / Kittenette / Petrol / Pilots Hate You / Choose Evil / Heart Of The Party / Dead Eyes Opened. (Part Two) Ken Burns Effect / Gashing The Old Mae West / Wonder Of All The World

DOWNLOAD: NWA Podcast #16. Severed Heads, Live-to-air Set & Interview (April 2011)

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    brilliant thanks. I would not say THE MOST INFLUENTIAL!

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