NWA Podcast #17. Brain Drain, Live-to-air Set & Interview

Posted on Aug 27, 2011

Brain Drain is a Sydney based artist who straddles the divide between structure and improvisation, often revelling in the contrast between the two. His primarily guitar-driven pieces centre around creating both mood and rhythm through loops and using this repetition as a foundation on which to improvise. Since 2010, Brain Drain has released three albums: a self-titled debut cassette, the follow-up Wahine Division, and the collaborative album, Popolice Versus Brain Drain.

This podcast features a full set from Brain Drain, broadcast live to air on New Weird Australia in May 2011, plus an artist interview and tracks from his first two releases.

Official Brain Drain site: braindrain3053.tumblr.com

Live tracks featured in this podcast: Double Chocolate Stout, Black T, No-Hitter, Theme.

DOWNLOADNWA Podcast #17. Brain Drain, Live-to-air Set & Interview (May 2011)

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