NWA Podcast #24. Haunts, Live-to-air Set & Interview

Posted on Mar 9, 2012

In Episode 24 of the NWA Podcast series, we present the debut live radio performance from Haunts, recorded only a few days before their second ever show at Dirty Shirlows in Sydney. Haunts sees the coming together of two members of Sydney’s Underlapper with producer and musician Peter Hollo (Raven, Fourplay).

Underlapper are a well known fixture of the Sydney underground music scene – with three albums under their belt, ranging from the anticon-esque indie hip hop of their debut ‘What Came Forth From The Sea’ to the epic, post rock vocal of their 2011 release, ‘Softly Harboured’. With the band on hiatus, Greg and Matt teamed up with Peter Hollo to form Haunts, and in this podcast they tell us how it all came together and play an exclusive live set in the studio.

The interview and live set was originally broadcast on 23rd February 2012.

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img: Haunts, Live at the Dirty Shirlows, Sydney, February 2012. Photo by Paul Threthni.

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