‘Vagrant’ – small grants available to participate in NWA’s open-source gig series

Posted on Apr 29, 2012

In a bid to connect like-minded artists, enthusiasts and promoters around Australia, we’re launching a new project titled Vagrant – a travelling gig series, a pop-up club-night with no fixed abode, an open-source platform for eclectic and experimental music.

Vagrant exists anywhere and everywhere – the name travels from city to city and from town to town, but each instance of Vagrant is  curated by local individuals and artists.  The events will be connected by an ideology and the same approach to experimentation in Australian music, but – uniquely – Vagrant will be staged and curated by different promoters in each location.  It’s an open-source platform, where each event is defined by its participants, and is supported and promoted by New Weird Australia.

It’s our hope and intention that Vagrant will be an on-going project, although its success depends on you.  We’re looking for individuals or collectives who are keen to stage a Vagrant event in their local area (whether that’s a thriving metropolis or  a small regional town) – and to encourage you to do so, we’re offering small grants of up to $750 to make it happen.

Here’s how it works:

  • you stage an event in your city or town, with your own curated selection of artists and performers whose approach marries that of New Weird Australia
  • you find a venue, source production equipment as necessary, promote the show locally and manage the event on the night
  • the event carries the name ‘Vagrant’ and is noted as being a New Weird Australia project, but otherwise the design and style of promotion is up to you
  • you can charge a ticket price or make it a free event – whatever you collect on the door is retained by you
  • you can apply for a small grant of up to $750 to cover artist fees, travel, marketing and production costs – whatever you deem the grant to cover, we insist the artists are not out of pocket and that their fees and expenses are covered within your budget
  • New Weird Australia will commit to promoting the event through its online channels, and will circulate media releases regarding the project as a whole

What we’d like in return:

  • an eclectic and original event, in keeping with the New Weird Australia sensibility
  • an event which clearly fosters the appreciation of eclectic and experimental music within your community
  • a commitment to ensuring that artists are looked after both financially, and with appropriate support and resources on the night
  • a good-quality, mixed audio recording of the event (ideally a desk recording) and photographic documentation of some form
  • all events to be staged by 30th July 2012

How to apply:

email info@newweirdaustralia.com no later than Monday 14th May 2012 with the following information:

  • a proposed overview of the event you’d like to stage with an indicative list of artists (need not be final at this stage) and venue location.  Note, you must have in principle commitments from artists and the venue before applying.
  • a budget / financial breakdown of the event, showing proposed New Weird Australia contribution of up to $750, with an express indication of how artists will be remunerated
  • a brief overview of your work either as an artist or promoter, showing commitment / experience in staging or participating in events of this nature

Feel free to email us in advance of the 14th May deadline with any queries or clarifications.  We will respond to applications and confirm either way by Monday 21st May 2012.

Note: this round of funding is designed to act as a pilot for future Vagrant events – if you are unsuccessful in your application for June 2012 events, please note that we may well be interested in staging your event later in the year.

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