Submissions welcomed for NWA Compilation #14

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

(Photo: Spheres, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, 4th February 2011. Photo by Tom Hall.)

New Weird Australia is now heading into its fourth year of promoting and furthering new eclectic and experimental sounds from the Australian continent, and – in tandem with our many other projects – we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be continuing our free digital compilation series.

The fourteenth compilation in this series will focus on the guitar as primary instrument of choice. The guitar, in both electric and acoustic forms, is an instrument that can be played, cajoled, processed and subverted in all kinds of subtle and un-subtle means.

This volume of New Weird Australia’s ongoing compilation series is being compiled by New Weird Australia’s Andrew Tuttle in association with co-Directors Stuart Buchanan and Innez Tulloch. For those uninitiated with the endlessly divergent approaches to a single sound source, have a listen to our 2012 compilation Vox for a point of reference.

We’re looking for submissions that fit into the broader New Weird Australia aesthetic – new, eclectic and experimental work that confounds and confronts expectations of what Australian music and sound based works could or should be.


Your submission should include the following:

(a) a WAV or AIFF file of your recording

(b) a Word or text file including

• RELEASE DETAILS [name of release & label the track comes from / OR Previously Unreleased]
• LINKS [URLs for your main web presence – your own site, Facebook, Bandcamp etc]

(c) a JPEG image (no less than 600 pixels wide, 72dpi)


(a) zip all inclusions in a folder, upload to any file sharing service and email the link to music at with the subject “Compilation 14″

(b) upload to Soundcloud, ensuring that you enable for private download to our account: newweirdaustralia. Also ensure that you note that it is a submission for Compilation 14. Email additional text and images to music at with the subject “Compilation 14″.

(c) send a disc to Compilation 14, New Weird Australia, PO Box 67, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012. Email additional text and images to music at with the subject “Compilation 14″.

Closing date for submissions is Monday 18th February 2013. Rare, exclusive or unreleased material is preferred, but not essential.


New Weird Australia is developed on a strictly not for profit basis to promote new Australian works. Releases are distributed via the New Weird Australia web site free of charge, and no financial arrangements for inclusion are entered into. All recordings are released under a Creative Commons Licence ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs’. This means that recordings can be copied and redistributed, but must be attributed back to NWA and to you; work cannot be used for commercial purposes and it cannot be altered, transformed or remixed. It also means that you are free to release the material on any other release, or via your own means at any time. More info at

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