Anon is fluid in a container, and will change to fit the shape around her. Borders blur between labels, time, distance and difference. Intercontinental and mental shifts will inevitably mean aural and stylistic erosion.

Splutter and shudder in collaborative and interactive formats, with many inputs and feedback loops, set to random. Influences are first wave black metal, conversations on cold nights.

Anon appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Three’.


  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Three. | New Weird Australia.
    November 9, 2009

    […] (2:43), previously unreleased 13. BUM CREEK, Fast Forrest (5:13), from ‘Bum Creek’ 14. ANON, Quiver Crura Quaker (13:46), previously unreleased 15. ERASERS, Lost///Found (4:26), from […]

  2. Unpopular Music, A Benefit Album For FBi Radio | New Weird Australia.
    September 25, 2010

    […] 2009) (04:52) 3. SCISSOR LOCK, Untitled (Live at Unpopular Music 2009) (12:08) 4. ANON, Untitled (Live at Unpopular Music 2009) (16:29) 5. kyü, Sunny In Splodges (Live at Unpopular […]

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