From 2004-2013 Anonymeye was the nom de plume of Andrew Tuttle from Brisbane, Australia. Tuttle’s work as Anonymeye reconfigured various country and folk musics within an abstract sonic framework, utilising electronic and acoustic instrumentation including acoustic guitar, signal processing, synthesisers, and effects units. Anonymeye straddled and blurred boundaries between improvisation and composition, experimentation and pop, acoustic and electronic, rural landscapes and urban landscapes.

Anonymeye performed at festivals, clubs and events throughout Australia and Europe including Le Placard/Club Transmediale festivals @ Maria Am Ufer (Berlin, Germany), Electrofringe/This Is Not Art festivals (Newcastle, Australia), ZXZW Festival (Tilburg, Netherlands), Fabrique @ Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, Australia), Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane, Australia), Electundra festival @ LOOP (Melbourne, Australia), Extrapool (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), Instants Chavires (Paris, France), The Troubadour (Brisbane, Australia), The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia), Seymour Centre (Sydney, Australia), and Horse Bazaar (Melbourne, Australia).

Anonymeye released three albums, a half dozen or so EPs and splits, and appeared on a score of compilations on labels including Someone Good, Bedroom Suck, Twice Removed, sound&fury, hellosQuare, Curt, Half/theory, and Feral Media.

Anonymeye is featured on ‘New Weird Australia Volume One‘ and ‘New Weird Australia, Broadcast Three‘.

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