Blake Freele is a musician living and producing music in Sydney, practicing and exploring experimental composition techniques to create sound works.

He is interested in the effects upon structured musical forms when coupled with more abstracted and wholly improvised sound.
Blake’s musical soundscapes range from vast and spacious drones through to rhythmically driven electronic compositions, and intense processed guitar improvisations.

It is through the ‘full range’ use of the frequency spectrum that Blake finds a different and exciting sound world which breaks free from the confines of traditional instrumentation and its inherent and identifiable frequency range.

Blake Freele appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Five‘, ‘New Weird Australia, Broadcast Two‘ and as the second release in the New Editions label series: ‘Edition Two: Blake Freele, Pins’.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Five. | New Weird Australia.
    August 22, 2010

    […] unreleased 15. RIPPLES, False Mission (5:06) from ‘Ripples EP’ (self-released) 16. BLAKE FREELE, Inside There’s Expectations (8:59) previously […]

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