Brown is a live improvisational soundscape band. No live gig is ever the same. Brown have never rehearsed and never will because it guarantees every gig will be it’s own creature that evolves into somethng never heard before by anyone. Our soundscapes will change with different members turning up to each show.

Brown have been playing live since 2005. Started as a duo by Adam Burges and Jason Barfoot, Brown now has up to seven or 8 talented artists at a time improvising dark, moody and ambient sounds. Our live shows feature many of our homemade, Perth Auido Weird Awards winnig, experimental instruments, Spring guitar, tweaked out circuit bent toys, ladies leg shaver, Spring gong, Fry pan guitar, lots of percussion and other noise making devices. Our album is out through Perth label Heartless Robot. Titled Various shades of.. Absolutely no 6 string standard guitars were used in the making of our album.

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