Clingtone by Clingtone:

Barramunga, Australia February 2009.

Cast adrift in the space of Terra Nullius, a lifeline is an RCA. There are no extra rations. These cords, these wires, these circuits. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk in Zero-G. Shitting in a tin can, with nuclear families and broken home fallout far below. Somehow everything works, and they are happy here. There is no signal to disturb them. Only machines, transported from one point to another, that somehow still give a sense of place.

Dirty, unhygienic, raw. Mip Fumo’s breakfast steak wasn’t shaping up too well. While Richmond LaMarr sat tinkering with their beat-colliding collaboration, Fumo was obviously missing his girlfriend’s cooking. The sliced onions clung stubbornly to the edge of the pan, limp and lacking colour, and the blood-red steak soon ended up blackened, tasting little better than the sole of his vintage Adidas sneakers.

Thrown together for the first time, Mip Fumo and Richmond LaMarr escaped the city to spend four days grafting their beats together in the Australian bush. Just a few weeks later, eucalypts to the far north would split and literally explode in intense radiant bushfire heat, but here the often fickle hand is more considerate. They need a crackling fire for the cold nights, despite the warm days. The wild grass grows green in these hills. As the slope falls away the sun brands the fields yellow where they push out to cities and coasts, drought, recession and unease.

Mary Had a Little Lamp reveals a sense of humour. Can you imagine U2 releasing an album with a title like that? But listen. This shit is still serious. Everything happens in prime time. Free from the boring work that pays the bills, Mip Fumo and Richmond LaMarr took their chance and ran with it. Minor edits, little post production. “That sounds cool so let’s do the next one.” The way the best music is made. Transcending the Tasman, clicking digitalism while parakeets and black cockatoos flap outside, hardware and software, wooden floorboards and deep rugs. The hard and soft, the yin and yang. You get the picture, and the picture is perfectly clear.

Clingtone is featured on ‘New Weird Australia Volume One‘.

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