Photo: James Debenham

Donna Hewitt is a vocalist, electronic music composer and instrument designer. Her primary interest in recent years has been exploring gesture mediated music performance and investigating new ways of interfacing the voice with electronic media. She is the inventor of the eMic, a sensor enhanced microphone stand for electronicmusic performance which she has been developing and performing works with internationally for the past eight years. She recently collaborated with dance artist Avril Huddy on an Australia Council funded project and in 2010 undertook a residency with Julian Knowles at STEIM in Holland. She is a member of the female collective ‘Lady Electronica’, a group of five women electronic music artists who have recently been awarded an Australia Council grant to work with artists including Goyte, Quan Yeomans and Scott Horscroft. They are working towards a showcase event in 2012. She is a lecturer in Music & Sound at QUT.

Donna Hewitt appears on New Weird Australia, Vox

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