Forenzics are a loose collective with two core members that play experimental improvised music with soundscape, ambient, minimalist, noise, psych, drone, art rock, post rock or even post punk leanings.

Formed in 2005, Forenzics have a very simple philosophy: play what you feel without limits and boundaries, only that it must be created there and then. There are no restrictions on genre, texture, format or structure. It is completely free music defined by the mood, ability and preferences of the musicians taking part.

It is increasingly hard to describe the line up of Forenzics, especially considering their passion for collaboration and experimentation, so they go with the only constant, that of the two guitarists, Matthew Syres and Dirk Kruithof, both playing through various effects, tunings and various degrees of prepared guitar. Dirk may also add his voice, bass, banjo or found sounds to the mix. They have played with different drummers including founding member Ben Eadie, various electronics wizards and current regular collaborator Joe Cummins on Trumpet and Kaoss.

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