Gutter Parties is music by Saul. The music involves a djembe drum, a 60 year-old banjo, a quarter nylon guitar, a poor quality ukulele, a harmonica, meditation balls, a tambourine, bells and the voice of a guy who can’t sing but wants to tell you something.

In September of 2009, an EP entitled ‘Marooned’ was released via free digital download. The EP was recorded in one day on a low-grade trial version recording program using an inbuilt laptop microphone. In November of the same year the EP was released in a hard copy hand-painted version, of which only 20 copies were made. During this period, Gutter Parties performed the first and only live display of this material in front of an audience of 4 people; the pub owner, the sound guy, the event organiser and Saul’s father.

Gutter PartiesĀ appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Four’.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Four. | New Weird Australia.
    January 7, 2010

    […] Me (5:44) 6. ALISTER SPENCE TRIO, Two Halves Of The Moon (3:26) 7. SCISSOR LOCK, Codify (2:05) 8. GUTTER PARTIES, Sashi (2:15) 9. NO ZU, Lay Of The Land (4:25) 10. THE TOWNHOUSES, Jigsaws Under The Clouds (4:08) […]

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