Kynan Tan is a sound artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Interested in live performance, installation, collaboration and audio-visual relationships, his works create an immersive, temporal environment.

Kynan composes music through a combination of instruments, electronics, computers and improvisation. His live performance works are based on a combination of scored and improvised instrumental parts and real-time manipulation with Max/MSP, the latest shows featuring vocals processed into slow moving ambient textures, with schizophrenic no-input mixer and extended guitar, often in multi-channel speaker environments.

Kynan has been involved with several sound installations, including his own Floating Spires and Threads installations. Kynan is also heavily involved in collaborating with film and dance, scoring 15 works in the past 2 years, including a collaboration with LINK Dance Company and New Zealand Dancer/Choreographer Craig Bary.

Including visual elements into live performances has been a recent focus, manipulating synaesthetic relationships between sound and light to create juxtaposing textures. Currently Kynan is completing his final year of a Bachelor of Music: Music Technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, a course coordinated by Cat Hope and taught by Anthony Pateras in 2009.

Kynan Tan appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Six’.

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