Aaron Metcalf: Guitar, percussion
Matt Warren: Drums, percussion, vocals

Formed in late 2007 by two ex-members of Hobart’s Bodies Drawn Backwards (1993-98), Warren and Metcalf have played together on and off for around 24 years.

M.0.1.0 sits somewhat strangely in a no-mans land between Metal and indie/alternative scenes. The band have appeared on bills with experimental electronic artists, traditional death metal bands and multi layered pop. Although loud, sometimes harsh and noisy in places and experimental in nature, M.0.1.0’s music is not inaccessible. Vocally, the majority of what’s ‘sung’ is nonsensical. This in part is inspired by the ‘instant composition’ technique employed by Damo Suzuki, but also has it’s basis in the recorded Dadaist poetry of Kurt Schwitters (amongst others).

In September 2009, the band used it’s first gig at The Pitt, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart to also launch it’s first CD ‘0.5 – PRESUMPT10N’, containing material which had been composed and recorded in the proceeding 12 months.

The duo is inspired by a combined love of the post-punk tribal percussion of Killing Joke, the industrial infused metal of Godflesh, the discordant guitar of Voivod, the lo fi energy of early 1980s US punk and UK crust, the atmosphere and rhythms of Krautrock and the slow stoner doom of early Black Sabbath.

Website: www.moio.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/M010band
Myspace: www.myspace.com/machinesoio

M.0.1.0¬†appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal

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