Mookoid is the current solo studio-only project for Melbourne experimental musician Mick Lampert.

Mick’s weapon of choice is guitar, although he is a proficient multi-instrumentalist. He has played in a number of alternative bands in the UK, the Middle East and Melbourne over the last 30 years, as well as acoustic music as part of a duo.

The core of Mookoid’s sound is focused on recording and sampling himself playing various instruments which have been collected from his travels around the world. He then weaves these samples into an often nightmarish web of tension. African, Asian and Middle Eastern sounds can be found at the root of the loops he uses to create film-like aural soundtracks which often have an ominous and disquieting quality.

The sound of mookoid is dark and often inspires feeling of dread; sometimes noisy and harsh, sometimes quiet and creepy. All distinctly strange and eclectic, reflecting the depth and variety of his multiple influences and tastes. Which begs the question – what does mookoid mean?

“A mookoid is an undulating, dark shape at the corner of perception which gives off an evil vibe and is very scary for some unknown, deep psychological reason. Unexplained but very frightening. I had nightmares like this as a child and I guess that’s what inspired the core of this music…”

Mookoid appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Five’.


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