Morgan McKellar began writing music under the name Morning Stalker in 2005 as a home-recording project. Using heavily-effected instrumentation and crude recording methods to create lo-fi soundscapes of layered guitar loops, synth drones and fractured vocals. Since then Morning Stalker has become three, recruiting fellow Underlapper members Marc Chomicki (drums) and Matt Furnell (samplers) for live performances based around improvisation, texture, and progression.

Morning Stalker appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Broadcast One‘.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Broadcast One. | New Weird Australia.
    December 21, 2009

    […] MORNING STALKER, The Bohemian Grave (7:56) 2. CLEPTOCLECTICS, Mr Convex (5:38) 3. SCISSOR LOCK, Out By Holy Land […]

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