Predrag “Pex” Delibasich was born in Serbia in 1970. In late 1992 he left home to buy some cigarettes and ended up in Perth, Australia. Once here he became a babysitter, shitty factory worker, taxi driver, website writer and finally ended up working at the Art Gallery.

In 2001 he started his first Australian band Sokkol. In 2004 he formed Soviet Valves. In 2006 he formed Bamodi and joined Airport City Shuffle (for a year) and Abe Sada. In the meantime he started performing solo as Bassta! Pex and Gutter Guitar, on bass and guitar, respectively. He also made some dough spinning jazz records as DJ videosex. In early 2009 he started new project, the first time under his real name. Recorded some songs by himself, released it on 7″ vinyl/CDEP package. Realised he can’t play all instruments live by himself and got together a band called smRts – 3 drums and 3 guitars = rhythms and melodies a plenty.


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