Random Acts of Elevator Music is the latest project from City Frequencies, a collaboration between Matt Adair and Nick Wilson, who work together on sound projects within the metropolitan environment.

The original City Frequencies installation was a live surround-sound audiovisual performance held at the Melbourne Town Hall for the 2000 Next Wave Festival, utilising the sounds and sights of the Melbourne CBD as source material. City Frequencies also included material in the Australian Sound Design Project’s Hearing Place for the 2003 International Symposium of World Forum of Acoustic Ecology.

In 2004 City Frequencies recorded the conversations of Fitzroy café-goers at Kent Street Cafe, using the tapes to create the Café Voyeur installation for the Fringe Festival that year. The installation was presented again during 2005 in a listening gallery environment and is now being remixed for surround-sound DVD release.

Random Acts of Elevator Music has been developed over the last few years with discrete showcase performances in the Electundra festival at Loop Bar and an exploratory series of elevator performances.

City Frequencies: akm.net.au/cityfreqs

Random Acts of Elevator Music appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Broadcast One

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