Sam Price is a drummer/composer who has a longstanding practice in sonic manipulation. His work fuses generative digitalia with abstracted instrumentation, preserving the overtone series and ambiences of real events that have been caressed and/or tortured into something new. During live performance, with no preconception of form, the compositional process is led by the timbre/sound at hand – the net result sounds like organic machinery. Originally hailing from the UK, Sam feels his adoptive home of Australia offers a uniquely creative environment.

Sam Price appears on ‘New Weird Australia Volume Two‘.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Two. | New Weird Australia.
    September 7, 2009

    […] From ’Swimming Pool’ 3. WILLIAM GARDINER, Sonance Arboreal (4:39) Previously unreleased 4. SAM PRICE, AutoHackney (5:28) From ‘Rand’ 5. BROKEN CHIP, Summer Stars (5:06) From ‘POWWOW Seven’ 6. […]

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