Conceived by Perth-based musical polymath Lyndon Blue, SOLAR BARGE channels the ancient Egyptian legend of the sun’s daily passage. Weaving guitar melodies, rattling percussion trances and ethereal drones coalesce in silvery soundscapes and heaving sonic monoliths to re-imagine the tale of Ra as he travels with a crew of deities in the Sun Boat, guiding the solar disc through the sky and the underworld, where scores of fearsome monsters await.

Since 2009, Solar Barge has appeared unexpectedly around the city of Perth: at house parties, warehouse raves, art exhibitions, caf├ęs, sound art concerts and experimental rock shows. 2011 saw Solar Barge’s first physical release – a self-titled album accompanied by a picture book, each scene of the ancient story illustrated by one of 15 Australian artists. The launch party took place at the abandoned National Bank in Northbridge, and memorably featured an entrance on a real, fern-laden wooden barge.

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