SPHERES was created in 2007 in Adelaide, South Australia, as a solo project with Black Metal influence.

After being involved in the music scene in Adelaide in various projects for over 10 years, a relocation to Tasmania in 2008 saw SPHERES move from screeching black metal guitar into a more ritualistic realm, creating drones to connect with environment and audience whilst maintaining the original heavy ethos. With a firm belief that sound and noise controls emotion and reaction, SPHERES aims to invoke reactions through volume, vibration and sonic density.

SPHERES has shared the stage with KK Null, Grey Daturas and THRALL andhas on occasion performed the works of New York based Australian composer Alex Carpenter (Music of Transparent Means)

At the moment, it exists as an exclusive live concept with no recordings released.


Spheres appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal

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