Trjaeu’s début EP entitled Home is a collection of puzzled-together rhythms and layered textures that ebb and flow dynamically through numerous styles and themes. These ideas resonate with the listener on several levels; they are both introspective and inclusive.

Trjaeu’s progression has been one of intrigue to their listeners, with every new song and gig bringing a new level of excitement and dynamic to the band, this, along with the addition of their new EP ‘Home’, brings yet another piece of Trjaeu’s ever evolving tapestry into place.

Formed in the early months of 2008, the past two years has seen Trjaeu exploring vast avenues of musical creation and have finally seemed to have found there own place within this vast musical landscape.

Trjaeu appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Six’.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Six | New Weird Australia.
    August 22, 2010

    […] (Gift Project Audio) 6. KYNAN TAN, Melt (4:44) from ‘Two Clouds’ (self-released) 7. TRJAEU, Hull (4:56) from ‘Home EP’ (self-released) 8. EASTERN GREY, 24-5 (9:23) previously […]

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