In the early 1990s, Clinton Green began recording solo, experimental guitar music, releasing under the moniker of Undecisive God.

Since then he has produced numerous recordings that continue to explore the capabilities of guitar through uncoventional playing techniques and new approaches to turntablism through the use of broken/altered records and record players.

Undecisive God has ocassionally played live over the years, including performances at the Liquid Architecutre Festival, Brisbane’s Small Black Box and Melbourne’s Make It Up Club. Clinton has also worked in collaboration with artists including Kettle, W.I.T., Andrew McIntosh, Zan Hoffman, Bokor, Scott Sinclair, Joe Musgrove and many more.

Undecisive God makes experimental guitardrones that are interesting enough so they don’t silt up in endless repeatings of the same motive or noise, but they continually actualise themselves and bring constant variations in a never ending subtle soundcarpet…essential for lovers of avant-garde guitar techniques –

Clinton is taking experimental sound to new, more positive heights – Taped Crusaders

The vision is here, and I like it. Most of the civilized world will laugh. Let them…There isn’t a better tour guide to the edge – Aiding & Abetting

Undecisive God appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Bleak Metal

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