“I needed to chill out somewhat, and in my repose gladly toked on the swirling peace-pipe that was Wigwam. Local drone-king Craig McElhinney and reverb-demon Dave Egan (Carbuncle, Triangles) formed this eerie duo, who rode in on a lonely pulsating wash, eagle wings in desert night-chill air. After some time lounging on the plateau, however, I suddenly noticed a green light overhead and was sucked up like sago in a bubble-tea straw by its mighty traction beam. Commander Egan’s voice had warped to an otherwordly, ring-modulated warble, the deranged croak of a crazed robofrog as it primed me for a probing. Craigos McMartian leered over the control panel mashing buttons and extracting ferocious whumps, whirrs and booms. In the middle of the darkened warp-chamber there sat a glowing earth-globe, an omen of the pair’s fiendish plans. I can’t lie, I was pant-pooingly petrified by the sounds of Wigwam. In a very good way.” – Lyndon Blue


Wigwam appears on ‘New Weird Australia, Volume Six’.

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  1. New Weird Australia, Volume Six | New Weird Australia.
    August 22, 2010

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