Over time the 4-piece psych/ambient unit Yolke have swum between bittersweet confusion and thick lucid sonics, and crackled forward their 2010 debut EP Poppy Wash, which not so much leaves their conception behind, but instead stows it in the subconscious
Formed while field researching sound in Melbourne early 2008, they began playing live in October of the same year, and have since dotted many nights with technocolour soundscapes and phosphorous encrusted beats.

Throwing these bubbly echoes through kaleidoscopes, at tape machines and into computers produced the shifting shapes emerging from Poppy Wash, giving a washed out afterimage of what their often sprawling live sets can be like- while remaining a separate trip entirely.

Produced entirely by Yolke themselves and released on independent label Fallopian Tunes, the songs stitch themselves together with artefacts from their greater history of home recordings and snatches of delirious nights of hermitude.


Yolke appears on ‘New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here

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