Press Coverage for New Weird Australia:

New Weird Australia Volume Six:

Who The Bloody Hell Are They? “super rad blog / podcast / radio show that features the best and latest in experimental / electronic Australian music … a wonderful compilation … the strongest of the series so far.”

TripBase “without a shadow of a doubt, the best Australian-based experimental music site the Internet has to offer”

New Weird Australia at St Petersburg

Mess & Noise – Review “I love watching people dance to noise. It’s theatre of the purest kind especially when twirling, dervish moves ensue.”

The Brag – Interview “one of Australia’s most important champions of innovative music” (view online at Throw Shapes)

Two Thousand “Now that the music blog is leaping into live form with their latest show, it’s kind of like the Internet is dancing around in front of you – awesome”.

New Weird Australia Volume Five:

Who The Bloody Hell Are They? “I’m a big fan of these compilations, and what I’ve found impressive is that they’ve managed to uphold the quality of those first couple of compilations, the point where Vol. 5 might actually be my favourite so far… Definitely worth checking out.”

Throw Shapes “Be ready to feel your brain tickled via your ears, like some long, thin device has snuck its way in there and wiggled around. Ahem.”

Engendered From Devine Breath “If you want to get some excellent examples of contemporary avant-garde rock music, you should certainly listen to this compilation.”

New Weird Australia Volume Four:

Cyclic Defrost “favourite of the series so far… some brilliant music from both known and unknown artists always lurking around the corner”

Now Like Photographs, Minneapolis – Record Of The Week “If you need a primer on what is fresh from Australia’s music scene, look no further than New Weird Australia.”

Electrorash “More eclectic, eccentric and often amazingly beautiful tunes … pick up the whole shebangabang for $0.00 AUD. That spells value in 4568 of the approximately 5000 recorded spoken languages known to linguists.”

Daily Beatz (on Tantrums from NWA4) “Could New Weird Australia be the Australian counterpart to Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International? Based solely on this song, I would say yes.”

Throw Shapes Interview

New Weird Australia Volume Three:

Throw Shapes “a meticulously curated exploration of left-field sounds – surreal, sublime atmospherics through to experimental electronic pop through to ten minute noise jams, all seamlessly ordered, and all from our very own shores”

Liz Berg, WFMU (NYC) / Free Music Archive “I’ve been hitting a few compilations pretty hard lately on the FMA, and I must say that a recent favorite has been“New Weird Australia, Volume 3.” …From mellow and woozy songs fit for a dream sequence, to repetitive krautrock jams, to dainty acoustic prances, to experimental electronic hiss, drones, and moments of glitch. This album won’t start any parties, but it does wonders if you’re driving, in a contemplative mood, just waking up, or stuck inside on a grey day.”

New Weird Australia Volume Two:

The Silent Ballet “there really is no reason for any curious avant-garde aficionado to pass this one up”

Real Time Arts “exposing listeners to some great hidden treasures with an impressive Australia-wide representation”

Foxy Digitalis “Kudos to anyone who is willing to get into the endeavor and gather unreleased songs for eleven of the sixteen tracks from bands all over the spectrum”

Sound Summit 2009 Previews & Reviews:

Mess & Noise Interview

Mess & Noise Review

Drum Media, “Weird Is Good” Preview

The Brag Preview

New Weird Australia Volume One:

The Silent Balletfulfils the brief of a compilation better than most others I’ve ever encountered”

Impose Magazine “does a number on anyone looking for a unified front from the land down under”

A-Reminder believes that “It’s projects like this that make this whole internet/music thing really, really exciting

Alternative Media GroupA great idea, and an interesting listening experience guaranteed.”

Foxy Digitalis “there’s good, unfamiliar (free) music to be had here”

Compilation Airplay:

Soundlab, ABC Triple J “a fantastic compilation of excellent, unique and brilliant music that’s coming out of the Australian electronic and experimental scene

Sound Quality, ABC Radio National

Utility Fog, Unputdownable, Canvas, The Bridge and more -special thanks to Dan, FBi Sydney

Extended Play, Tape Relay, The Free Design, We Come From Garageland, 2SER Sydney

Difficult Listening, Posted, RTR Perth

To & Fro, 3RRR Melbourne

The Art Of Bleep on PBS Melbourne

Musical Dissidents , Edge Radio Tasmania

Psychic Glands 95bFM, New Zealand

At Home With Rose, Radio 23, New Zealand

Liz Berg, WFMU (NYC)

Time Time, East Village Radio (NYC)

Now Like Photographs, Radio K, Minneapolis

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