Gigs Events

New Weird Australia presents Filthy Children at The Sydney Fringe
‘Western Schism’ Launch – Craig McElhinney vs Chris Cobilis, Erasers vs James Ireland, Furchick vs Sam Gillies, Gulls vs Eleventeen Eston , Ourobonic Plague vs Javier Frisco, Predrag Delibasic vs Solar Barge, Salamander vs Brown
Gloss Party – Speed Painters, Document Swell, Matthew Brown, Jacob Silver, Call Me Professor
VAGRANT #8 – Holy Balm, Asps, Major Crimes, Beige Abrasion
VAGRANT #6+7 – Per Purpose, Rites Wild, Doctopus, Craig McElhinney + Terrible Truths, Per Purpose, Gunns & Hamjam
VAGRANT #5 – Scattered Order, Dracopede, The Mermaids
VAGRANT #3+4 – Talkshow Boy, Scraps, Feet Teeth + No Anchor, The Rational Academy, Anonymeye vs Ambrose Chapel
VAGRANT #2 – Naps, Wooshie, Kane Ikin, Baba X, Zanzibar Chanel
VAGRANT #1 – Guerre, Scissor Lock, Major Napier
Analogue to Digital 7: White Light/White Heat
The Low Light Social
Unpopular Music 2011, A Benefit for FBi Radio
NWA Live: Rites Wild, Black Vanilla & Pimmon
TSH & NWA: Spartak, Brain Drain & The Deadly Nightshades
Forenzics, Domeyko/Gonzalez, Jusgo Mosh & Robot House
The Sound of Young Canberra, Live
Underlapper, Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery
AXXONN – National Tour 2011
Refraction, Curated by New Weird Australia
Underlapper, Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock, Edwin Montgomery
Unpopular Music 2009, A Benefit For FBi Radio
New Weird Australia Live At Sound Summit 2009