Video: Pimmon, Black Vanilla & Rites Wild at Black Wire, November 2011

On 4th November 2011, New Weird Australia staged a show at Black Wire in Annandale, Sydney featuring performances from Pimmon, Black Vanilla & Rites Wild.

This video captures performances from all three artists, and was directed & edited by Tessa C. Stevens for The Pyramid Scheme.

Video: Axxonn, National Tour January & February 2011

In January & February 2011, former Brisbane-based artist AXXONN (Tom Hall) gathered up his keyboards and subsonic fuzz for a trip around the country to support his album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. The tour was presented by NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA, marking our inaugural Australian excursion after a string of Sydney events and nearly two years of compilation and artists releases through the label.


This video (shot and edited by Tom, using a remote camera) features a 15-minute Axxonn set, culled from a range of performances across the tour.

Video: Scattered Order at Fuzz Lost Fuzz, January 2011

Scattered Order are one of the most unique players in the history of Sydney’s experimental and electronic music scene – founders of the M Squared record label in 1970s, a home for artists such as Systematics and Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, and a beacon for emerging underground artists around the country. Reforming their original line-up in 2009, Scattered Order played a set for New Weird Australia in January 2011 at the Excelsior in Sydney, in support of their new album, ‘Adjust The Terminology’. Joining them on stage was long-term collaborator and renowned producer, Shane Fahey.

Video: Erasers at The Red Rattler, July 2010

Erasers are a two-piece band from Perth, that started mid 2009 with Rebecca Orchard on vocals and Rupert Thomas on instruments. They formed with the desire to create and produce music completely on their own. With little recording experience and borrowed equipment, Erasers produced and released their debut self-titled release upon forming as a band. The result is songs made up of primitive & tribal beats, melodic guitar loops, atmospheric synth and chanting vocals; creating what has been described as dreamy yet somewhat disconcerting post-punk.

This single-camera take was recorded at New Weird Australia at The Red Rattler, Marrickville, Sydney, 23rd July 2010 by Paul Threthni.

Video: Kusum Normoyle at New Weird Australia vs Refraction, June 2010

Kusum Normoyle is an artist and musician working in the area of extended vocal techniques and noise for both performance and installation. Core to Kusum’s practice is the idea of intervention, displacing normal expectations of female body and voice. In performance these incursions are brief, extreme and physical. The female scream takes a much heavier tone; more like metal than hysteria, dragging the audience into a harder, faster display of screaming, amplification and feedback. This is a punch in the stomach whilst being massaged at high volume.

This performance was recorded live at New Weird Australia vs Refraction, Tuesday 29 June 2010 at Serial Space, Sydney.

Video: Horse MacGyver at New Weird Australia vs Refraction, June 2010

Horse MacGyver (formerly known as ///▲▲▲\\\) released his debut cassette ‘Void’ on Dream Damage in June 2010. This live performance was captured shortly thereafter, at New Weird Australia vs Refraction, Tuesday 29 June 2010 at Serial Space, Sydney.

Video: Vorad Fils at Feral Media HQ, April 2010

John Hassell aka Vorad Fils is a sydney-sider who has been making electronic music since 2006 in other outfits such as Seekae. With his style stretching between ambient and glitch-hop, Vorad Fils takes influence from a range of artists including Boards of Canada, Clark, Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid and Seven Ark.

On the eve of the release of his debut album ‘The Warmest Static’ in April 2010, Vorad Fils played an intimate live set for friends at the Feral Media HQ in Sydney, marking the last performance in the space before Feral’s move to the U.S.

Video: Interactive Netball at the Now Now Festival, January 2010

Created & “facilitated” by Jon Rose, this game of Interactive Netball take place at the Now Now Festival in Wentworth Falls in 25th January 2010.

The yellow ball is connected wirelessly to Rose’s laptop and emits an ever-changing variety of sounds, related to its movement and velocity. In addition, four Now Now performers (two assigned to each team) play short stabs of improvised music when their team is in possession of the ball. Spontaneous!

Video: kyü at Unpopular Music, November 2009

kyü are an experimental pop outfit from Sydney featuring Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison.

This single-take shot of their performance of ‘Sunny In Splodges’ was recorded live at Unpopular Music 2009, at The Red Rattler in Sydney on 7th November 2009.

Video: Pimmon at Unpopular Music, November 2009

PIMMON is arguably Australia’s most well known and most successful experimental music producers, having recorded for various labels around the world (including Tigerbeat6 and Fat Cat) and collaborating with the likes of FENNESZ, OREN AMBARCHI and more recently with Jeff Burch, formerly of SONGS.

This single-camera take was recorded live at Unpopular Music 2009 at The Red Rattler in Sydney.

Video: Afxjim at St Petersburg, October 2009

Afxjim is the work of multi-instrumentalist Travis Baird, a member of Sydney-based sound junkies Founder and folk-rock terrorists The Woods Themselves. Musical influences include Mice Parade, David Pajo, Susumu Yakoto, Manitoba, Tortoise, Labradford and Fourtet. The result is a warmly inviting mix of folk, rock, ambient and electronica, underpinned by an instinctive post-rock ascendency.

This single-take clip of the track ‘Edgaston’ was recorded at the launch of the album ‘Blackout Music’ in October 2009.